#44. January 5th, 2013: Karis Wong-Weinrieb

The definition of lucky is knowing Karis since you were 5 years old. We met in kindergarten and have been friends ever since then and I can’t explain how happy that makes me. As I explained to Karis today, she’s one of those rare individuals who has stayed in my life for so long, regardless of changing schools, friend groups, whatever. Karis is the most incredibly sweet, kind, and genuine young woman I have ever met. She’s literally a great big ball of happiness and warmth and if you know her, you’re fortunate enough to experience that 🙂 Karis is also one of the most modest and humble people that I know. Growing up, she was always incredibly intelligent and was always quick to help you with whatever you needed and would always be there to listen and lend a smiling face. Also, did I mention she’s beautiful? Well she is. Karis is gorgeous, on the outside, and on the inside with her fantastic personality, superb sense of humor, and a wonderful outlook on the world. She’s always willing to learn and experience different things and she is always willing to reflect and challenge herself in the future. Karis is also unbelievably strong in that she has been through so much, asking for so little help, and yet she has developed into a phenomenal human being that I love 🙂 Ugh, Karis, you’re great 🙂 Anyway, Karis, thank you so much for grabbing coffee today. Thank you so much for listening and for sharing your stories and feelings. Thank you so much for being in my life and for always being so supportive of me and my endeavors. Thank you so much for being so sweet and compassionate and for have such a great head on your shoulders. Thank you so much for sticking by my side for all these years. Thank you for being so willing to grow and for being so open to new and different ideas. Thank you for always being honest with me and for always bringing a smile to my face. Thank you for making my day today and for being who you are. For all of that, Karis, I thank you 🙂

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