#40. January 1st, 2013: _________

As it states in the “About” section of my blog, the reason I started doing this project has greatly to do with an incident that occurred exactly one year ago today. On January 1st, 2012, my friends Taylor and Julia and I had just spent the day together and we ended it by watching the sunset here in San Diego at the Gliderport. Afterwards, and when it was completely dark out, we drove back towards our homes down Torrey Pines Road (Fun Fact: It’s the road in the picture). At the top of the hill, a song came on that I had purchased that day and it will forever remain engrained in my mind as “the song.” Around 3/4 of the way down the hill, I was in the far left lane going downhill with 3 lanes of cars going uphill on the other side. At that moment, however, a car on the other side of the road going up started to repeatedly flash their brights at me. Over and over, over and over; they would literally not stop flashing their brights at me. After about 5 seconds of this, I said out loud, “Why is this person flashing their brights at me?!” Taylor then looked up and yelled at me to get out of the lane I was in. It was then that I realized there was a set of headlights in OUR lane coming straight at us, up the hill. The car was easily going 60/70 mph and it would not turn or even make any notion to watch out. Just when I could read the license plate, it all hit me that if I didn’t swerve the car right then and there, we were all going to die. Realizing this, and after my life flashed, I swerved and we finally settled on the side of the road, shocked and bewildered. No matter how I explain it, no one ever really understands what it was like to be honest. It’s no one’s fault, I just guess it’s something we three were meant to experience. That moment changed everything for me, and ever since then I try to take every single day as a gift and I always remind myself of how delicate this life is, how it can all end in an instant, and how because of that, I am going to spend every moment I get making other people happy and following my passions in life. I make statuses and posts about appreciating every day and I always, 110% mean them. It’s not worth being angry in life. Say “I love you” to your parents. Hug someone when you see them. Say “thank you” everyday.

The point of this post, however, is to acknowledge the person who flashed their brights at me. After a long day, my eyes simply saw headlights as headlights and didn’t think to recognize a fourth set of them coming my way. Were it not for that person warning us of the oncoming car, we wouldn’t be here right now. He/She could have just gasped and hoped for the best, but no. With a flick of the brights, they set of a chain of reactions that saved our lives. I have no idea who this person is, but it’s been my goal ever since to thank them and tell them how appreciative we are of what he/she did. My hope is that someday they’ll see this post and be recognized for what they did. For all of that, ______, I thank you.

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