#39. December 31st, 2012: Erik Ackley

There’s no better way to start the morning than to get coffee with Mr. Erik Ackley, and that’s exactly what I did this morning 🙂 Erik has been in London for over 3 months and I haven’t seen him in over 7 at least, however, he is most certainly the friend who you know is in your life, even when you’re not around him. Erik is one of the most humble and intelligent people that I know. He is incredibly well-rounded, mature, and has a great head on his shoulders. As I told him today, I am so thankful that I can sit down with him and have an intellectual conversation if I want to, or I can have a goofy one! Erik is someone that everyone loves to have in their life. He’s an impeccable dresser and never fails to make people feel happy and welcomed. Erik is honestly the definition of a fantastic man. He’s caring, compassionate, diligent, adventurous, and is never afraid to try something new. He’s a fan of creating his own path and he does it very well. Throughout high school, I always looked up to him and how he was always there and caring of his friends, and yet he was also extremely independent and courageous. I don’t know how to describe it, it’s just the Ackley is a very unique person and I think anyone who knows him would agree 🙂 Erik, thank you so very much for being who you are and for being in my life. Thank you for always, ALWAYS, being honest with me with your advice and your opinion and for never just telling me what I want to hear. Thank you for being a listening ear in my life and thank you for being the lovable and fantastic person that you are. You’re the guy who I always hope to see when I go to Starbucks 🙂 Thank you for living your life the way that you do, and thank you for being such a wonderful person. For all of that, Erik, I thank you 🙂

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