#37. December 29th, 2012: Lizzie Buncher

If you’ve ever met Lizzie, then you know what the definition of cute and cuddly is. Lizzie is just a fun ball of incredible energy that can always make you smile and cheer you up. Lizzie and I met in 7th grade and from the moment I met her, I knew I had a friend for life. We would always text from across the classroom in Mr. Feist’s room and it was just the best thing ever 🙂 Lizzie was and still is someone I can always count on to be there for me. As I told her tonight, what I love about Lizzie is that we don’t have to hang out or talk for a very long time sometimes, and yet we still manage to come back and reconnect and be friends 🙂 She is literally always there for me with open arms and I know she is that way to all of her friends. And all of her animals. Trust me, she has a lot of them 🙂 Anyway, Lizzie is an incredible human being and just the sweetest thing around. Lizzie, thank you so much for being there for me when I needed you over these years. Thank you for always bringing a smile to the faces of those who need it and thank you for being one of the strongest people that I know. Having you in the challenge day group was phenomenal and I can’t thank you enough for opening up like you did 🙂 Thank you for always being honest with yourself and with your friends and thank you for being one of the most quality people that I know. You’re incredible. For all of that, Lizzie, I thank you 🙂

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