#33. December 25th, 2012: Rachel Gardinier

When you meet Rachel, you notice a bunch of things. The first is that she has the most bubbly and chipper personality. She’s always smiling and has this face that can make you happy instantly. The second thing you might notice is her laugh. Rachel has one of the most contagious laughs you will ever hear and it’s yet another part of her that will make you happy. 🙂 The third thing you may notice is that she is very honest. Rachel is not afraid to speak the truth and give you an honest opinion on whatever the matter is. Rachel is also incredibly fun. I can remember when she, Selaina, Daniel and I went to Six Flags and Rachel’s laugh, spunk, and hyper attitude made the trip absolutely fantastic 🙂 She could always think of something great to say, and sometimes a little inappropriate :), and it made the day that much better. Rachel is also a very strong and courageous young woman. I’ve never met someone who perseveres through so much with such a positive outlook. She really is a trooper and rides life like a roller coaster with her hands up screaming the whole way 🙂 One very important thing that I have to give extra thanks to Rachel for is how she is a sister to Selaina. Rachel is always there for Selaina and their families are close and caring of each other. I know that Selaina will always have Rachel to count on and I really appreciate Rachel being there for her. Anyway, thank you so much Rachel for being such an amazing friend and so unbelievably compassionate to those in your life. You make so many people happy and can brighten any situation. Thank you so much for being in MY life  and for making so many fun memories with me! Thank you for being the genuine and phenomenal person that you are and I can’t wait to keep having you in my life! For all of that, Rachel, I thank you 🙂

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