#23. December 15th, 2012: Brianna Hebert

This lovely lady is absolutely fantastic 😀 I first met Brianna towards the start of my senior year of high school and right off the bat I could tell we’d be great friends forever. She was (and still is) so kind and welcoming and had the sweetest face. It’s one of those faces that makes you feel happy and smile 🙂 As I was telling her tonight, Brianna is someone that I can always count on to be honest to me. She has helped me through a bunch of predicaments and was always there to tell me what I needed to hear, rather than what I wanted to hear. She would listen and try her best to help me with whatever situation I was in. I love her for that 🙂 Brianna is also a phenomenal actress. I have been lucky enough to see her as Amber in Hairspray and as Marcy Park in Putnam, and I can confidently say that she is fantastic and has an incredible voice 🙂 And Brianna, just remember, “as my life unscrolllllsssssss” 🙂 Anyway, Brianna really is amazing. She is someone who truly cares for her friends and is there for them 100% of the time, even when they don’t always reciprocate. I am so lucky to call her my friend and soooo thankful for her being in my life. We have definitely encountered our fair share of busy lives in college, but even if we don’t talk for awhile, we can always reconnect and feel like besties again 🙂 I really appreciate that about her because I love having her in my life to tell me stories and to listen to any that I have to share. Brianna, thank you so much for being a part of my life. As I’ve said many times, I knew right when I met you that we’d stay friends forever and I’m so happy that that’s still the case. You really are an incredible person that so many people look up to, appreciate, and love. You are someone that can make anyone smile and feel happy about themselves. You have ALWAYS been so supportive of me and who I am and I can’t explain how much I appreciate that. I cannot wait to see you in A WEEK!!!! 😀 Anyway, for all of that, Brianna, I thank you 🙂

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