#15. December 7th, 2012: Kailey Lawson

I’m calling it now; Kailey Lawson will be President of the United States. Well, after her brother that is 🙂 But really, Kailey is unbelievable. When you meet her, you immediately know you’re in the presence of someone truly special. She is willing to drop everything she is doing to take care of her family and friends and she has the same dedication to her academics and extra-curriculars (which there’s a lot of). When I think of words to describe Kailey, I think of fair, honest, happy, smiley :), exquisite, and beautiful- inside and out. She has one of the best personalities in the world and has a fantastic sense of humor and sarcasm 🙂 She is an incredible role model for so many people and is the definition of modest and admirable. She’s got an amazing work ethic that everyone is jealous of too! I remember when we were interviewing her for ASB years ago, it was either Kailey or her mom, I can’t remember, that mentioned she had all of the next two month’s of her science homework completed. After thinking she was a bit cray-cray, I realized that no, she’s just absolutely awesome and incredibly diligent 🙂 Kailey, you really are an absolute gem. You make so many people happy just by being yourself and your confidence in yourself and what you do is inspiring. You are hands down, 100%, going to change the world and you are well on your way to doing so. Also, you deserve only the best in life and I know you won’t settle for anything less 🙂 I can’t thank you enough for always being there to give me honest advice and opinion and for always being blunt when it’s needed 🙂 You have helped me think through many situations and you have made me so happy when I’ve needed it. You are mature beyond your years, and yet you still know how to have joyful fun and act like a kid with a youthful spirit every single day. Let’s put it this way; if I was straight, I would want you as my girlfriend 🙂 Alright well now that I have anyone reading this in an awkward position, I just want to end and say that I truly care about you so much, Kailey. You are a role model in my life and I cannot wait to see where you go to school and what you do there. You already impact many lives and I can’t wait to see how you affect the world positively in the future. You really are an exceptional human being 🙂 For all of that, Kailey, I thank you 🙂

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