#13. December 5th, 2012: Garrett Boyd

As the phone started to ring today, I literally could not stop smiling! I couldn’t wait for that goofball to pick up the phone! 🙂 Talking to Garrett is always such a pleasant experience. He has such a charm about him that is always sincere. He truly cares about you and all that you are. Garrett, as I said to you today, you are such a role model for me. When I first officially met you we were sitting in a small circle at Challenge Day. There you were with your hat, your stories, and your wonderful personality just waiting to blossom. Years later, you have transformed so much and have grown to be such a kind, warm hearted, comedic, fearless, and fantastic individual. You inspire me every day to be myself and to live the life I want to live. You represent someone who follows their dreams with a burning desire to be a better person and make others happy. Whenever I talk to you or see you, you always manage to put things into perspective for me. You give off such a warm vibe and can make anyone feel comfortable within minutes of meeting you. By now I hope you understand that I’m trying to say you’re AWESOME! 🙂 You really are though! You truly are the life of any party, even if that party is at the pancake place where our challenge day reunited 🙂 (so.much.food!!!) P.S. if Kiana, Dana, or Lizzie is reading this, remember; we are doing that again in a few weeks! 🙂 Anyway, Garrett, you really are an incredible individual. Thank you so very much for always being a source of joy in my life and for being one of the quirkiest guys I know. You are an unbelievably talented musician, from Samba to Jazz band, and you have a special gift of making people feel welcomed. You captivate everyone in the audience when you’re on stage for Comedy Sportz and with everything else that you do. You bring light to any dark room and I am so honored to call you my friend Garrett 🙂 I cannot wait to see what you do the rest of this year, your senior year, where you go to college, and beyond that. You’re an inspiration to so many people and I can’t let you get away without hearing that! You really are such a kind soul and have such a generous heart. UGH! You’re great. Really great. You are an incredible leader who shows integrity and compassion to everyone. I’m serious, fool. Anyway, for all of that, Garrett, I thank you 🙂

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