#9. December 1st, 2012: Sierra Thernes

“is one of my absolute best friends and can always make me smile.” Yes, Sierra ALWAYS starts her Facebook statuses with “is,” no matter what they are, but that’s not the only cool thing about her. When I met her in 8th grade, I knew I found a keeper. Sierra and I have always had a special bond that allows to be best friends, goofballs, and basically siblings, all at once. She and I founded our classic dance move at our freshman year Winter Formal at SeaWorld San Diego (1st job, what WHAT!?) and it can always make me happy :) Sierra, you are spectacular. You are absolutely gorgeous and you deserve the best man in the world. Your smile is one of those smiles that makes everyone around you feel like smiling no matter what the topic is. You were so supportive and happy for me when I made the varsity soccer team freshman year, and oh wait, you did too :) You are someone I can always count on for some honest advice and a good long talk. We can not talk for weeks and yet when I do talk to you, it’s like  saw you 5 minutes ago. You always have fantastic stories and you exhibit the utmost care for your friends and family. With that, you have the cutest brother in the world and you and your mom are so similar it’s crazy. I love how we are all the way across the country and yet I feel so close to you when we talk or when I see your updates on Facebook. You’re someone I KNOW that will always be in my life and someone who I will always appreciate. You’ve been such a great friend to me for years and have always stood by my side in tough times. I’m so happy that you’re having a great second year at Santa Cruz, but I’m jealous of all your new friends over there that get to spend so much time with you! You understand that love and dedication to soccer and I have to thank you for coming to my soccer games when your games didn’t conflict with ours :) You have always been a fantastic friend to me, Sierra, and I can’t imagine or picture what life would be like without you in it. You’re always there for me, and that means more than you know to me. I CANNOT wait to see you in three weeks. AHH! Anyway, for all of that, Sierra, I thank you :)

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