#7. November 29th, 2012: Morgan Patterson

This girl… If you’ve ever met her you know what I’m talking about. Morgan shining face brings light to anyone’s day. She’s ridiculously spunky, quirky beyond belief, absolutely gorgeous, and the best and most loyal friend anyone could ask for. She is dedicated to helping her friends and all those around her, and she understands the value and warmth of family. With that, her entire family is precious, even Kira :) and her sister, Taylor, is one of the two friends that was in the car with me on January 1st of this year. Morgan, you are never afraid to just be yourself and that inspires so, so, so many people. You have been there for me when I’ve been happy, and you’ve been there even more so when I’ve had tough moments. Oh, and have you seen the way this girl cares for her dog? Ohhhh my… One night Kira went missing and this girl was adamant that we would find her. We spent hours searching and when we found out Kira was simply back at the house…Morgan gave her the biggest hug. It was awesome :D Morgan is basically just a ball of beautiful energy that won’t stop spinning unless you show her Ryan Reynolds or someone of that nature. She’s not afraid to speak honestly and she’s unbelievably passionate about kindness and care for everyone. She’s also quite sassy sometimes :) For the years I’ve known her, I have always been inspired by her never-ending drive and motivation and I swear she is going so very far. She has touched so many lives thus far and will continue to do so for as long as she lives. I love her so much and I can’t wait to get a big Morgan-o hug from here when I come back to San Diego! Morgan, when you’re around, people are happy, their days are made, and everything is good in the world. For all of that, Morgan, I thank you :)

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