#5. November 27th, 2012: Kerry Daggett

A little more than a year ago, I was in Starbucks in San Diego, CA, sitting awestruck because I had just trusted my gut and introduced myself to a man that looked like V.S. Ramachandran. It was him. We talked, I listened and smiled, and then he left, and when he did I looked up and this woman was sitting at a table in front of me. I had seen her in Starbucks for months but we had never said a word to each other. I finally said to her, “Hi there, this may seem weird, but are you an author? You just seem so intent on what you’re writing and you seem very intelligent.” Her response? “You know, I just finished a chapter in my book :) ” We then moved tables and we immediately broke into discussion about everything and anything. Kerry is a beautiful person. She has eyes that literally ignite when she talks about what she loves and she gives you the most honest perspective on everything. The way she talks is entrancing; her stories captivate you with every word to the point where when she finishes, you realize that the sun’s gone down and Starbucks is closing. I’ve only encountered her about 3 times in my life, each for no more than a few hours. And yet Kerry has always found a way to give me the best advice and the most sincere encouragement with my dreams and passions. She recommended a few books to me and one of our conversations was spent talking about “The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand. I have had deeper conversations about the world, death, life, passion, love, fate, etc, with her than I have with some of my best friends and family members. I am 19. She’s… not a day over 30 ;) , and yet we still connect because of our shared love for humankind and an incredibly deep passion to live everyday to its fullest because you truly never know what could happen tomorrow. When I called her today, I tried to explain who I was in case she forgot about me but within 10 seconds she goes “BRIAN! I literally thought about you yesterday! I was worried  wouldn’t see you if you came back for break but I guess you stayed! How are you?” Of course I smiled first, but then we embarked on another 30 minute catch-up conversation whereupon we discussed the meaning of selfishness, life, and how each of us has been truly living to our fullest capacity. I cannot explain how much I am thankful for her tenacity, her ability to let me into her life and her trust she has given me with that, and how unbelievably supportive she has been to me over the span of our relationship. When you meet some people, they immediately become seared into your brain because of things they say or the way they are. Kerry is one of those people. She is someone I look up to and someone I can count on for honest advice and counsel when I need it most. For all of that, Kerry, I thank you :)

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