#4. November 26th, 2012: Mr. Leal

This was such a fun “thank you” to make. Mr. Leal is by far one of my favorite teachers at CCA. He is almost impossible to figure out, and when he makes fun of you, he likes you. I was fortunate enough to have him as a sophomore and as a senior, and I can honestly say I learned the most in his class. Mr. Leal is different. He teaches beyond the curriculum. He chooses books that he knows will be challenging for us and he makes everything fun, except for those lovely final essays. He tries to make us into better individuals with humble heads on our shoulders. He’s shot nerf guns at me, stapled my papers together, thrown things at me, pushed my desk against the front wall, and has had me take time-outs outside. He’s absolutely hilarious and sets the example for making learning fun. He is unbelievably intelligent and will almost always have an explanation or story for you. He has some of the funniest sayings and jokes and was the first to introduce me to the comedy of Jim Gaffigan. His anniversary is on my birthday (and I will NEVER let him forget that). He has a beautiful baby boy and I’m sure his wife is absolutely spectacular as well. He has always made fun of me, especially about my “cameras in ancient Greece” comment, and in turn, I have always made fun of him. He’s been a mentor for me, a role model, and undeniably one of the best educators I’ve ever had the pleasure of coming across. He’s a big part of CCA and he played a huge role in making me who I am today. For all of that, Mr. Leal, I thank you :)

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