#3. November 25th, 2012: Sonia Rhodes

The first thing that I do when I think of Sonia is smile. She is the epitome of joy and she radiates compassion wherever she goes and with whatever she does. Sonia has been there with support, advice, and stories since the minute I met her. She was the foundation of TEDxYouth@SanDiego, an event that completely changed my life, and she was always so kind and creative in the ways that she kept the team going. For example, at every.single.meeting that she held, she made sure to start off with something positive. It’s always positive with her, however, she maintains a balance of creative ambition and realistic expectations with everything she does. This past semester she answered probably over 100 phones calls from me asking questions about the TEDGlobal application and random life questions, too. She always made time for me, and she would call back if she was busy. Sonia, YOU make the world a better place and you have made my world so much brighter, clearer, and full of opportunity since I met you. You have the most beautiful daughters in the world, inside and out, and I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve taught me, for how you’ve listened to me, for how you’ve encouraged me, and for how you give me confidence in all that I am trying to do with my life. For all of that, Sonia, I thank you :)

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