#10. December 2nd, 2012: Sarah Scherk

First, I want to wish Sarah a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Today is her 20th birthday and she deserves to have a phenomenal day back in California! Sarah, you deserve to have a great day, everyday. You don’t have a bad bone in your body and you are always looking out for others and helping everyone around you. You have the most joyful spirit and can cheer up anyone’s day. I’ve known you since elementary school and ever since then I have been lucky enough to call you my friend. You almost always sign things with “peace, love, and happiness” and I remember in class when your name was called you would sometimes say “Nothing but the PRESENT!” Goodness I love you Sarah :) You are such a fun person to be around! From sophomore year through the end of high school, you blew bubbles in the quad on every single Monday at lunch. That, my friend, signifies you as a quirky, fantastical rockstar. :) I absolutely LOVED leading the class with you when Mr. Leal was absent and let’s face it, having any class with you was immediately made fun. You are absolutely beautiful, inside and out, and you deserve the best in life. I remember when you told me a year after my ASB VP election that you still had my “Vote Doyle” sticker stuck to your medicine cabinet and it continues to make me laugh/smile every time I think about it. Sarah, you have always, always, always been able to bring a smile to my face and you have made many people happy and inspired throughout your life. Whether it was at Solana Highlands, Solel, or at CCA, people loved you and looked up to you, as they still do. You are a bundle of excitement and energy and have a severe case of dedication to service and kindness. You make my days brighter and filled with happiness. For all of that, Sarah, I thank you :)

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